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Marketing Strategy

In simple terms, your marketing strategy is the plan of action you take to achieve your marketing objectives.  It is the key inspiration or idea that forms the basis for developing your marketing plan. Starting with market research, the strategy becomes the method you use to develop your products/services, and the marketing mixes to steer you in the right direction, so they are aligned with your overall company’s objectives.

Proses’ consultants have the marketing knowledge to build the best strategies and the right marketing mixes for your business.  Getting to know your business is important to us, and our team of professionals will go beyond all boundaries of technology and marketing to guarantee your success. 

To get your business off in the right direction, we offer two main areas of Marketing

  1. Marketing & Strategic Planning
  2. Advertising Management

Marketing & Strategic Planning

  • Market and Product Analysis
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Presence
  • Brand Management
  • Customer Strategy – CRM (CustomerRelationship Management)
  • Marketing Optimization
    • Measurement & Analytics
    • Test-and-learn Enablement
    • Channel & Budget Optimization

Advertising Management

  • Campain Development
    • Creative & Design
    • Broadcast Production
    • Rich Media Production
    • Print Media
  • Media Management
  • Promotions
  • Sponsorships/Events

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